Our main focus is on the creation of a kind of new, classical cinema that aims to give audiences a renewed sense of euphoria at the movies. We tell new stories in old ways and old stories in new ways. We want to make going to the movies special again and we believe that starts with the movies themselves, not just the popcorn. 

Genres include, but are not limited to:

Musicals for kids.
Musicals for adults.
Musicals for all ages.
Family movies.
Original comedies.
Magical realism.

We also produce personal, director-driven projects that encourage even more individual expression for less financial risk. Though artistic autonomy is always protected, Force Studios also encourages its artists towards expression of more positive themes and non-exploitive stories that emphasize drama over trauma. 

The way we function is to keep things personal. We believe what's important to remember about this business is that it's also an art form! This means that making decisions about art solely based on business is bad business and makes bad art. We are inspired and guided by simple philosophies of our own and those who have gone before us.

"Quality is the best business plan."

"Audiences don't know what they want until they see it."

"We don't make movies to make money. We make money to make movies."

"Make 'em like they used to."

Our initial slate includes over ten projects ready for pre-production and more than thirty others at various stages of development, including family movies, musicals, comedies, dramas, documentaries and scripted television.





Force Studios also produces theatre and we have several new plays in the works, awaiting production in Los Angeles and New York. We also provide an ongoing acting class in Los Angeles, available to anyone.







Because of our love of musicals, popular song and film scores, both new and old, Force Studios is building a music label that distributes new music that not only complements our movies as great soundtracks but transcends them as new records by exciting new composers and songwriters.









In addition to entertainment, education is an important part of the studio. The Force Education Project is dedicated to promoting awareness of Democratic Education, Unschooling and other alternatives to institutionalized, compulsory schooling. Our first school, The Altadena Free School, opens in September, 2015.








There's more to come. This is only the beginning. At the movies, the theatre, at school, at home or online...

May Force Studios be with you!